Tonic For Women From Cow Urine...

NARI SANJIVANI (Tonic for women)
Ingredients: -
Gaumutra arka (distilled) 500 millilitre,
Sugar (crystalline) 1 kg.
Lemon juice (Citric acid) 5 gram,
Edible colour – yellow ½ gram

Process of manufacture: -
Boil distilled cow urine (arka) with sugar in a deep iron pot. As it is boiling go on removing froth. Whenthe syrup is ready take the pot off the fire. First add lemon extract and edible yellow colour in littlesyrup and mix it properly. Then mix that with the whole syrup. When it is cold fill in bottles afterfiltering it through fine cotton cloth.

Method of use: -
Take it 3 times daily (4 small spoon in the morning 4 small spoons in the evening and 4 small spoons in the night at bed time.) With water – this amounts to 60 ml daily.

Utility and benefits: -
In all women's menses disorder, leucorrhoea, all kinds of weakness due to blood loss during periods,nervousness, dizziness, weakness of heart, gases, burning sensation of palm and feet, dimagi garmi ??,
anger, sleeplessness, pimples etc. diseases are cured. Regular use keeps women healthy and beautiful.

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