Weight Loss with Vitamin D & Calcium

Give yourself the power to say no to waist-padding foods by adding this to your diet: a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

When female dieters did this in one study, they ate fewer fatty foods and lost four times more weight than the women who didn't take the supplement.

Keep the Calcium Coming:

Why might a calcium supplement help? Researchers theorize that when your calcium intake is too low, your body may start craving foods rich in the mineral. And, unfortunately, many foods high in calcium are also high in fat and calories (think ice cream and full-fat cheese). But the women in the study who were getting the least calcium (less than 600 milligrams per day) lost not only more weight but also more body fat while taking a supplement.

Why Both Is Best:

When you take vitamin D with calcium, your body absorbs more of the calcium, so a combo supplement is best. Try these additional tips for slimming down faster:

Have a clear goal. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, setting a goal and tracking your progress will help you get there.

Eat for the right reason. If you're eating because you're depressed rather than hungry, you need to understand yourself in order to stop. Here's more on the chemistry of emotional eating.

Move your feet. A walk every day helps melt the pounds away. Find out how quickly you can walk off the fat.