How to Make Children Tonic From Cow Urine...

It is no surprise why we in India have a tradition of respecting and worshipping cows. Our ancient Ayurvedic texts like the Charak Samhita and the Atharva Veda identify cow urine as a powerful medicine. They called it Panchgavya. The treatment of disease using products obtained from cows – milk, curd, ghee urine and dung.

BALPAL RAS (Childrens tonic)

Cow urine Arka (distilled): - 500 millilitre
Crystalline sugar: - 1 kg.
Lemon extract (citric acid): - 5 gm
Edible red colour – ½ gm.
Process of manufacture: -
Boil distilled cow urine (arka) with sugar in a deep iron pot. As it is boiling go on removing froth. When
the syrup is ready take the pot off the fire. First add lemon extract and edible red colour in little syrup
and mix it properly. Then mix that with the whole syrup. When it is cold fill in bottles after filtering it
through fine cotton cloth.
Method of use: -
For one day to one year old baby one small spoonful with water in the morning and one in the evening for one year to five year old child – 2 small spoonful in the morning and two small spoon full in the evening with water.
Utility and benefits: -

Indigestion of children, gas, worms in stomach, vomiting of milk, indigestion due to spoiled milk, deficient sickness resistance, deficient growth factor, problems of teething, mental weakness, deficient brain development, protection from child diseases and their treatment. It safe guards from liver, lungs and other diseases.

As the base of this is distilled cow urine, so all properties of cow urine are present.
For the choice and convenience of children it is made as sweet drinkable product.
By daily use children become free from disease and become healthy.

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