How to Care Skin with cow Cream...


Ingredients: -
Find powder of cow dung cake 500 gm
Geru ?? 400 gms
cow urine salts 100 gm
Copper Sulphate 50 gm
Petroleum jelly 1 kg.

Process of manufacture: -
First grind nila thotha ?? and then roast in a small deep pan. Take it out when it colour change to white.Then grind all dry substances in a very fine powder. Then grind it in a grinding pot adding the petroleum jelly. Afterwards fill it in bottles. If it give burning sensation in case of application in sensitive parts of body, rub a little bit of ghee (clarified butter) to reduce the sensation on the affected part.

Use: -
In skin diseases, wash the infected part by cow mine and then apply this ointment 2 to 3 times daily.

Advantage: -

Beneficial in skin diseases, ringworm, itching, eczema, psyrosis, infected wounds.

Note: - Do not apply on eyes.

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