Gaumay tail (cowdung oil)

Ingredients: -
Cow dung juice 100 ml.
Til (English: Sesame, Latin: Sesamum Indicum) oil 100 ml.

Method of extracting cow dung juice: -
Collect large amount of wet cow dung. Take approximately 2 square feet cotton cloth and put it in wet cow dung and spread it in the cow dung. After six hours, take out the cloth and squeeze the cloth and collect the liquid in a steel pot. If the quantity falls short then put the same cloth in the same cow dung and repeat the process and squeeze after 6 hours again.

Process of manufacture: -
Heat both cow dung juice and til (English: Sesame, Latin: Sesamum Indicum) oil in a deep steel frying pan over low flame. When the cow dung juice burns out, filter the oil through cloth and fill it in bottle.

Utility: -
It is useful in cases of red eyes, burning sensation in eyes, headache due to eyes, tension, immature cataract, low visibility in the night, jala ??, itching sensation of eyes, watering of eyes etc. Cataract in unripe stage is destroyed. Those who read and do more work using eyes can protect their vision by putting a drop of this oil twice a day on regular basis.The number of spectacles goes down in case of youngsters.Using it daily protects eyes. This composition is tested composition of baishjya ratnavali, an ayuvedic
text. Put only one drop in eye using eye dropper.

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