Simple Ticks for Outsmart Obesity Genes

Not a lot of size 6's in your family? Well, then, here's the simple trick to outrunning your obesity genes: movement.

In a study of people genetically predisposed to obesity, those who were the most active managed to seriously alter their body's predisposition to gain weight. They were far less likely to pack on pounds over time compared with the least active in the study.

Handling Heavy DNA:

In the study, researchers found 12 genes that increased the risk of obesity. And every obesity gene people had correlated to extra weight gain. Still, although certain genes made them more susceptible to obesity, participants were not slaves to their DNA. Exercising about an hour a day dropped the risk of weight gain about 40 percent, compared with the couch potatoes. 

All in the Family:

You may have the cards stacked against you when it comes to family health history, but nothing is certain. Only about 30 percent of aging is determined by genetic factors. The other 70 percent you control through your behaviors. Here are just a few examples of how you can alter the way your genes affect your health:

Exercise for 30 minutes. 
Cook with olive oil. 
Write a thank-you note. 

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