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Using the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, has revolutionized the world of beauty, skin and hair care. This Indian beauty and skin care expert has earned international acclaim through the popularity of her brand “Shahnaz Herbal.” Shahnaz Husain productsfollow the system of “care and cure”—for example, the skin health solutions offered by Shahnaz Hussain products will cure your skin condition and at the same time, these skin caroducts will also ensure that your skin remains firm and beautiful in the long run. Shahnaz Husain skin care products ensure long term solutions for your skin and hair.
Shahnaz Hussain is considered to be the empress of the world of natural Beauty Products. The Traditional natural ways of achieving beauty are bottled and packed by Shahnaz to give her customers the right blend of natural resources to make them feel being nurtured in the lap of nature. Her beauty tips are for those who have a natural aversion towards artificial cosmetic products.

Shahnaz Hussain beauty secret:

Shahnaz Husain’s day typically begins with twenty minutes of yoga and stretching exercises. “It’s good to keep the body supple,” she says. Next comes a 20-minute soak in bath water sprinkled with rose petals and drops of sandalwood oil. Ghazal music is usually playing softly. 
Husain washes her face with milk and graham flour. After the bath, she uses her Shaflower lotion, which counts wild turmeric and conessi bark among its active ingredients. A pedicure, manicure and a facial massage with aloe vera follow.
Twice a week, Husain treats her hair with 16 egg whites mixed with lemon juice and olive oil. To keep her enormous mane a deep burgundy, she regularly applies a blend of henna powder, ground coffee beans, lemon juice, tea and as many as 20 eggs.

Shahnaz Hussain beauty tips

HomeHair Cleanser: Take a handful each of dried reetha, amla and shikakai. Soakthem in one litre water overnight. Next day, simmer the herbs on a low firetill the water reduces by half. Allow the mixture to cool and then strain itwith a clean cloth. Use the liquid to wash hair. This quantity should be enoughfor four to five washes. Refrigerate it. Make small quantities at a time.

Pimplesoccur on the oily areas of the skin. Therefore, applying cold cream can lead tofurther pimples. Mix one part of pure glycerine with four parts of rosewaterand keep it in the fridge. Apply it on the face after washing and beforeapplying it, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Once daily, apply curd mixedwith a little turmeric on the entire face, and wash it off with plenty of waterafter 20 minutes. Apply sandalwood paste on the pimples.

Dandruff:Twice a week, heat pure coconut oil and apply it on the scalp at night, usingcotton wool. Leave it on overnight. Next morning, apply the juice of a lemon onthe scalp and wash your hair after half an hour. Apply henna once a week.

LifelessHair: Once or twice a week, heat pure coconut oil and apply it on the scalp andhair. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the towelaround your head like a turban. Keep it on for five minutes. Repeat the hottowel wrap three or four times. This helps the hair and the scalp absorb theoil better. Use a mild herbal shampoo. After each shampoo, apply a conditioner,massaging it lightly into the hair. Leave it on for two minutes before washingit off with water. You can have henna treatment thrice a month, adding fourteaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, two raw eggs, two teaspoons of oiland enough curd to the henna powder. It will make your hair look healthy andlustrous.

GreyHair: Amla is said to check greying. Have the juice of one raw amla afteradding it to a glass of water. Also try adding amla to the henna powder. Hennaturns white hair reddish brown. It will not colour dark hair. Soak a handful ofdry amla in about two cups of water overnight. Next morning, strain the water,but do not throw the water away. Grind the amla. To the henna powder, add the groundamla, four teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee, two raw eggs and enoughamla water, so that the henna can be mixed into a thick paste. Apply it on thehair, covering the entire head. Keep it on for two hours and wash it off withwater. It will also add shine and substance to the hair. Ask your doctor toprescribe Vitamins B-Complex and C.

OilyHair, Hair Loss: Excessive oiliness of the scalp can lead to hair loss. Washyour hair daily, using very little shampoo — one teaspoon for long hair and halfteaspoon for short hair. Dilute it with a little water and use it. Afterwashing, add the juice of a lemon to half a mug of water and use it as a lastrinse. Have henna treatment once a week. Add four teaspoons each of lemon juiceand coffee, two raw eggs and enough tea water to the henna powder and mix itinto a thick paste. Apply it on the hair and wash it off after an hour. If youdo not wish to use egg, add more tea water. For tea water, boil used tealeavesin water. Cool and strain before using. Include fresh fruits, raw salads andsprouts in your daily diet. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water. Add the juice of alemon to a glass of water and have it first thing in the morning.

Dry,Lifeless Skin: Use a facial scrub once a week. For very dry skin, avoid soapand use a cleansing gel or cream. For the body, use a mild, glycerin soap.Apply sesame seed (til) oil on the body before your bath. Mix honey with eggyolk and a little milk and apply it daily on the face, washing it off withplain water after 20 minutes. At night, apply a good nourishing cream andmassage it on the face with a few drops of water. Wipe it off with moist cottonwool. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Til oil actuallyhas sunscreen properties, but it is better to use a sunscreen lotion for properprotection. Aloe Vera is a powerful moisturizer and an anti-oxidant. It helpskeep the skin soft and healthy. It is better to use moisturizers and creamscontaining aloe Vera.

DoubleChin: exercises — open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold this position forabout 10 seconds, then relax your mouth, and repeat the exercise a few moretimes. For faster results, add resistance by placing a tennis ball underneathyour chin, while testing your jaw span. Sleeping without a pillow is said tohelp. Also, you can massage the area daily with a cream. Start from the chinand go downwards using both hands, one hand following the other.

OilyT-Zone: either buy a facial scrub or mix rice powder with curd and use it as ascrub. You may add a little turmeric if you wish. Apply the scrub on the face,rubbing gently with small circular movements. Leave it on for five minutes andthen wash it off. This will keep the pores free of clogged oil. Once daily, atany time, mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice and eggwhite and apply it on the oily areas, washing it off after 20 minutes.

GlowingSkin: After cleansing, wipe the face with rose water, using cotton wool andthen pat it briskly. Use a face mask once or twice a week. You can make a maskat home with two teaspoons of choker, one teaspoon of oatmeal or ground almondsand one teaspoon each of curd, honey and egg white. Apply it on the face andwash it off after 20-30 minutes.

ThinWaist: Join a gym or health club and lose weight under professional guidance.Or, practise yoga daily. You can also do the following exercises after seekingyour doctor’s advice. First, lie on the floor on your back, feet together andarms at the sides. Lift your legs about six inches above the ground and holdthis position for a count of ten. Then lower your legs to the floor. Repeatthis exercise 3 to 4 times and increase gradually. Then, keep lying on thefloor, the same way. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.Raise your body to a half-sitting position, holding your arms stretched outbefore you. Lower your body to the floor and repeat 3 or 4 times. Take a lookat your eating habits. Avoid eating desserts after meals and stick to freshfruits. Take clear soups (without butter) and salads before the main dish.Avoid rich gravies. Cut down on your intake of cereals. For example, if youhave been eating three chapatis, eat only two. Or, eat only one cup of cookedrice. Eat fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, curd and paneer made from skimmed milkand lightly cooked vegetables. If you feel like a snack, eat fruit, carrot orcucumber.

CombinationSkin, Pimples: In combination skins, usually the T-zone (forehead, nose andchin) is oily, while the rest of the face is dry. Pimples on the forehead canoccur due to oiliness of the skin. You should wash the face only twice a daywith a medicated soap. After washing, wipe the oily areas with rose water mixedwith an astringent lotion in equal quantities. Use this two or three times aday. Avoid applying besan or multani mitti as they can sometimes clog the poresand cause pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, especially in pimple-prone skin.Add a little turmeric to curd and apply daily on the face, washing it off wellwith water after 20 minutes. Add a few drops of rose water to sandalwood pasteand apply on the forehead and areas with spots. Keep it on for at least onehour.

DrySkin: If you wish to use soap, you can try a mild glycerine soap and see if itsuits your skin. You should keep your skin well moisturised during the day, orif you are going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen. At night, use a nourishingcream, massaging it on the skin for two to three minutes. Massage the foreheadtoo, starting from the bridge of the nose and using both hands. Go upwards andthen in an arc on either side, go towards the temples. Wipe off with moistcotton wool. Once daily, mix one teaspoon honey with egg white and apply on theskin, washing off with plain water after 20 minutes.

Blackheads:the daily use of a facial scrub will help. You can either buy a facial scrub,or you can mix rice powder with curd or rose water and use as a facial scrub.Apply on the face and rub gently on the skin using small circular movements.Concentrate on the blackhead prone areas. Leave on for five minutes and thenwash off with water. Once daily, mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantitieswith egg white and apply on the face, washing it off after 20 minutes.

Some Homemade Very Simple Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips:

These are some homemade very simple Shahnaz Hussain beauty tips for skin care, to prevent pimple and acne, remove tam, remove sunstan etc. Here you can also find homemade mask and face pack recommend by Shahnaz Hussain.

For Glowing Skin:
*. Mix a paste of mint leaves and almonds with a little lukewarm water. Apply on the face and wash off after 15 minutes.

For open pores:
*. Mix oatmeal with eggwhite and apply. Wash it off when it dries.

To Tone Skin:
*. To tone all skin types, wipe the skin with rose water, using cotton wool.

To Remove Suntan:
*. Mix egg white, honey and lemon juice. Apply on the face and wash off after 20 minutes.

For acne, blackheads and pimples:
*. Apply sandalwood paste on pimples and leave it overnight.
*. To prevent pimples, mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities and apply daily, washing off after 15 minutes.
*. To cleanse pimple-prone skin mix two teaspoons each of cucumber juice, lemon juice and milk. Dip cotton wool pads in it and wipe the skin.
*. For blackheads, mix rice powder with curd and apply daily on the affected area. Rub gently on the skin with circular movements. Wash it off with water.
*. For acne / pimples, simmer neem leaves in water. Cool and strain the water and use it to wash the face.
*. For acne, make a paste of tulsi leaves and apply daily, washing it off after 20 minutes.

To Cleanse Skin:
*. To cleanse oily and combination skin mix two teaspoons each of cucumber juice, lemon juice and milk. Dip cotton wool pads in it and wipe the skin.
*. To cleanse dry skin, add 10 drops sunflower or til oil to three tablespoons milk. Mix well. Dip cotton wool pads in it and wipe the skin with it.

To Remove Tan:
*. To remove tan and reduce oiliness mix tomato juice with curd and apply daily on the face, washing it off after 15 minutes.
*. To remove tan and lighten skin colour, apply buttermilk daily on face and body, wash it off after 20 minutes.

For Pigmented (dark) Patches:
*. Mix one part honey with two parts lemon juice and apply, wash it off after 20 minutes.
*. Mix ground almonds with curd and apply. Rub gently on the skin. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash it off with water.

For Dark Circles:
*. Apply pure almond oil sparingly under eyes and massage gently for one minute using only the ring finger.
*. For dark circles, mix cucumber juice with potato juice in equal quantities and apply daily, wash it off after 20 minutes.

Face pack:
*. To reduce oiliness, mix multani mitti (fuller’s earth) with rose water and apply. Wash off when it dries.
*. For dry skin, add one-teaspoon olive oil to mashed ripe banana, mix well and apply on the face like a mask. Wash it off after 30 minutes.

*. Mask for normal to oily skin – mix one teaspoon each of oatmeal, ground almonds, honey and yogurt. Apply on the face and wash it off after 10 minutes.
*. Mask for normal to oily skin – mix egg white with a little honey and apply on the face for normal to oily skins.
*. Mask for normal to dry skin – mix wheat bran (choker) with one teaspoon each of orange juice, curd, honey and olive oil. Apply on the face andwash off after 10 minutes.
*. Mask for normal to dry skin – mix egg yolk with a little honey and apply on the face for normal to dry skins

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