Ayurveda Tips:Home Remedies For Wrinkles Problem...

Wrinkles are fine lines or crease in the skin surface because of which skin becomes loose and sagging.When the elasticity of the skin gets destroyed because of age and other factors like improper care,unbalanced diet and stress it results in wrinkles or aging lines.Wrinkles are generally found around the eyes,necks and cheeks.according to ayurveda it is caused by Vata Dominancy.

Home Remedy for Wrinkles

• Application of leftover egg whites at the bottom of the shell to the problematic area serves as an effective home remedy for wrinkles.
• For the sagging skin under the eyes or on the throat, apply some odorless castor oil.
• Take some coconut oil and massage on the wrinkled skin.
• Eat 1 tsp of shredded ginger along with a few drops of honey every morning.
• Rub the core of a pineapple all over your face for sometime and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Wash the face with lukewarm water. Wipe with a rough towel, and apply mixture of cream of milk and four drops of lemon on the face in the night till it is completely absorbed. Bath after about half an hour or wash with water. With daily application for 15-20 days wrinkles are eliminated and black spots too much clean.
• Massage gently with olive oil. It is also very effective natural cure for wrinkles
• Cold water is effective in preventing wrinkles. Do not wipe the face immediately after washing, instead pat it with hands to dry, so that some amount of water enters the skin; keeps the face beautiful and fresh.
• Drink half gram of carrot juice daily for two weeks. It is also proven cure for wrinkles.
• Take a piece of ripe papaya and apply on the face. Bath after sometime. The daily application of papaya cures wrinkles and make the skin fair. Also apply on the neck and massage. It cleans and brightens the neck and removes wrinkles.
• Place a piece of cucumber around the eyes and on the forehead and lie down relaxed. The wrinkles around the eyes and forehead will be cured within two weeks.
• Apply lemon juice on the face. Rub the peels of lemon rubbed on it. Your face will become beautiful and soft.
• Massage in the opposite direction of wrinkles. Massage from bottom to top on the forehead and towards the temporal region.
• Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet for retaining youth and freshness.
• Avoid tension and stress. Always try to entertain yourself.

Daadi maa ke nuskhe

Tip 1:
Take 1 tbsp of cold milk and add 3-4 drops of lime juice. Rub this paste well into the wrinkles before going to sleep. The next morning wash with warm water and dry with a rough towel firmly. Once again rub in the cream - in the direction opposite to the wrinkles. Wait for ½ an hour and wash, avoid using soap.

Tip 2:
Rub the pulp of a ripe Papaya on the face and leave for ½ an hour before washing.
This is a very good toner also.

Tip 3
Rub almond oil on the wrinkles in upward strokes. Leave overnight and wash with warm water next morning.

Tip 4:
Cut open a Vitamin -E capsule, add ½ tsp of glycerine and apply. Wash after 15- 20 minutes.

Tip 5:
Add ½ tsp honey to 1 tsp rice powder. Smoothen the lines with this paste. Leave for ½ an hour and wash.

Tip 6:
Mix 1 tsp honey with 1 tsp of milk cream. Apply well. Wash after 20 minutes.

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