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Easy Ways To Come Out From Depression:

1. Start your day by listening religious audio CD that permeates peace.
2. Always think positiv Easy Ways To Come Out From Depression:
e. Say nice things to yourself.
3. Keep yourself away from cigarettes, alcohol or substance abuse.
4. Always pay attention to your feelings of sadness, anxiety and irritability.
5. Enjoy your free time. Join a laughter club or invest in a CD of a comedy TV series.
6. If you are suffering with headache have a solution for that first: a warm oil massage can do wonders it that.
7. Have a comfortable bed for comfortable sleep. Sleep early, so you get enough sleep.
8. Have a cup of warm milk before going to bed.
9. Try some body massage, a pedicure, a manicure, a bath salt soak or a new outfit.
10. Have a balanced diet; avoid aerated drinks and junk foods.
11. Always try to be in touch with friends.
12. Exercise helps fight depression. So keep yourself busy in different exercise.
13. Another way to make you happy is dance. Join a dance class

Simple Ways to Control Hypertension:
1. Always check your blood pressure and pulse regularly. A normal resting heart rate (pulse) is between 66 and 82. Visit to your doctor, if your pulse rate is high
2. Exercise aerobically. It lowers blood pressure and prevents hypertension.
3. Many doctors think weight loss is the single most important no drug treatment for prevention of hypertension so lose your weight if you are overweight.
4. Eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. It is acceptable to use salt in control, unless your doctor orders otherwise.
5. Drinking red wine has been touted as good for the circulation, but only in moderation.
6. Hypertension and smoking significantly increase your risk of stroke so quit smoking.
7. Try to keep your stress under control as it constricts your arteries and veins so reduce your stress, which is beneficial to your health.
8. Take a look at your family's health history. If you have close relatives with hypertension, you are more likely to suffer from this disease. You will need to be even more diligent in checking your blood pressure.
9. High blood cholesterol can narrow arteries and make you more prone to hypertension so check your cholesterol once a year.
10. Always keep a journal of your cholesterol, blood pressure and pulse.11. If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar under control.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

1. Heat is wonderful treatment for back pain. Boil some water and put it in a bottle. Put this bottle over pain-affected areas to get temporary relief.
2. Honey is well known in the medical world because of its health beneficial results. You can take a glass of water mix with honey every morning to get rid of backache.
3. Vitamin C is health beneficial as it provides great relief for severe back pains. You have to take about 2,000mg of vitamin C daily to treat the condition. You will see a huge difference in your condition even in 2-3 days.
4. Raw potato is one of the finest home remedies for back pain. Apply raw potato in the poultice form as it has been found effective in backache cure.
5. Massage plays amazing role in relieving back pain. You can use some herbal oils to massage as it helps in increasing the pressure slowly and also provides you great comfort in less time. It also helps to get rid of tension as well as relaxes muscles.
6. Garlic is the most important as well as wonderful home remedy for back pain. 2-3 garlic cloves should be eaten every morning as it provides you relief from back pain.
7. You can also massage your back with the garlic oil as it provides great relief to back.
8.You can also prepare garlic oil at home as you can take ten cloves of oil and put it in 60ml of oil. Put both in frying pan and heat it. For this purpose you take any of oil as you can either take mustard oil, sesame oil or coconut oil.
9. Take mint oil and massage your back with that oil. This wonderful home remedy for back pain provides great relief to back.
10. Lemon is the natural remedy for back pain. Take a fresh lemon and extract juice from it. Mix some common salt in it. Take this mixture two times a day, it will provide you great relief.
11. Raw potato is one of the finest home remedies for back pain. You can apply raw potato in the poultice form as it has been found effective in backache cure.
12. Excess weight gives way to back pain; it also increases the stress over the soft tissues of back, so one should maintain weight as it helps to prevent back pain.
13. You can also treat back pain with cheulic myroblan. It is healthy fruit and you can take a small piece of fruit after every meal as it is quick back pain relief provider.

Mix carom seeds (ajwain), onion seeds (kalaunji), fenugreek seeds (methi daana) and saboot isabgol in equal amounts.Have 1 tablespoon every day first thing in the morning. If you like you can grind them slightly in the mixer - makes it more effective. This treatment takes a couple of months but is a sure shot reme

  • Start taking mineral supplement foods that includes the proper calcium and magnesium.
  • Do some massage on your heel and toe with a ice jar.
  • You can also use foot rollers.Start some stretches like calf stretch and heel stretch, prevent heel pain.
  • Start drink plenty of water, a very good natural remedy for many problems.
  • Loose some of your weight if you are an over weight. This could also solve your problem.
Heart burn

Add 1 tablespoon mint (pudina) leaves to 1 cup water. Take twice or thrice a day


      • Extract 1 teaspoon juice of tulsi leaves. Add 1 teaspoon honey. Take twice a day.
      • Tea made by boiling 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi dana), taken twice or thrice a day provides excellent remedy. (A little honey or lemon juice can be added to improve the flavor).
      • Grind a few roots of the mango tree into a fine paste and apply on the palm and soles of the patients.
      • The neem leaf crush taken with pepper powder lowers temperature.½ teaspoon ground pepper is mixed in warm water along with 1 teaspoon palm candy (sugar obtained from palm). This drink is taken at bedtime.
      • Fruit juice taken frequently.Regularly intake of a pinch of saffron (kesar) lowers temperature.
      • Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead to bring the temperature down.
      • Boil 2 tablespoon fennel seeds (saunf) in 1 teacup water till it is reduced to half. Take 1 tablespoon every morning and evening for a few days.

Sore throat:

Some home remedies that can be used are:

1. Boil water with 2 tsp of lemon juice and 2 tsp of honey and sip. cool a little before sipping.
2. Boil water. Add a dash of cinnamon, a little piece of ginger, 1 tsp honey and drink.
3.Take 1 tsp fresh ginger juice, ½ tsp honey and a pinch of turmeric. Swallow this mixture at least three times a day.
4.Heat one glass of water, add a tsp of salt and gargle. Be careful not to swallow the water as it may make you feel like throwing up.
5. Heat ½ glass milk, add less than ¼ tsp of turmeric and sugar. Drink while warm.
6. Pour one cup of boiling water over a piece of ginger, ½ tsp ground cloves and ½ tsp cinnamon. Filter it, sweeten with honey and have it sip by sip. This helps when there is mucus or phlegm in the cough.
7. Avoid milk and milk products if you have excess mucous secretion.

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