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Not gaining weight is also a problem like losing weight. As per ayurveda the weight of the body should be in a balanced proportion with strong immune system. If you are working on the ayurveda weight gain then it should be properly distributed all across your body. Gaining weight in just one part of the body like waist, stomach etc is also the problem.
Here are a number of people around the world who are looking to gain weight. Whether it be for weight lifting or just because you think you’re too skinny, you have to make sure you gain the weight the healthy way.The first and most obvious way to gain weight is to eat more. The more you eat the morecalories you take in. The way that you lose weight is by burning more kilo calories than you take in throughout the course of a day so naturally, you gain weight when you take in more than you burn. The most important thing to remember is that just because you’re trying to gain weight, doesn’t mean you have to gain unhealthy weight. The quickest way to become unhealthy is by eating unhealthy food or “junk foods”. There are still healthy foods out there that will allow you to take in a significant amount of calories. Another thing you’re going to want to make sure of is that there is a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in all of the meals that you consume. For your protein, the three most eaten foods are meat, poultry and fish. Once you’ve got your protein, you want to make sure to also eat a good sized portion of vegetables and it’s often good to eat a good amount of fruit throughout the day. One way to add calories to your vegetables is by adding butter or olive oil. This will surely add a significant amount of calories to your overall intake. Now that you’ve got your protein, the real weight gainers start to show. Potatoes, rice or pasta are three of the most commonly seen carbohydrate loaded foods.

Here are the top 11 tips to gain weight
  1. The most obvious way of gaining weight is by consuming more calories. However, this should involve some calculation. You should not over exceed your daily caloric intake, or you may begin to get fat instead of gaining lean mass. Eat only about 1000 calories more than you daily caloric requirement. This may mean that you will have to count calories and plan your meals ahead of time. However, this is completely doable.Increase the Number of Meals
  2. Increasing the number of meals you consume everyday will automatically increase the amount of calories you have been consuming. Instead of the regular three meals, consume five meals, and try to eat larger portions in each of these. The caloric requirements vary depending on age, gender, height and physical activity.Include Smarter Foods In Your Diet
  3. This means that you should get foods which are better for your weight gain. Replace carbohydrates with proteins. Consume more eggs and lean meats that cereals and vegetables. This does not mean you should stop consuming cereals and vegetables completely. However, this does mean that you should strike a healthier balance in your diet so that it tips in the favor of weight gain.Consume lots of Proteins
  4. Proteins are the most important foods when you are trying to gain muscle mass. Add a lot of proteins to your diet, but also add carbohydrates to it.Eat Lots of snacks
  5. Though it is not advised to consume lots of junk foods, it is important to snack on high calorie foods, such as bananas, mangoes, muffins, dried fruits and whole milk. You can also eat cheese sticks and drink protein shakes.Energy Fluids
  6. Milk, energy drinks and juices should be added to your diet. These foods are high in sugars and therefore release a lot of calories. Drink at least one glass of each during the day.Increased workouts
  7. Workouts are important, but not the ones which help you lose weight. Indulge in workouts which help you build muscle mass. These include weight lifting and floor exercises which help build lean muscle mass.Weightlifting
  8. The best way to have an optimal workout is to increase the intensity of workouts, suing weights for all exercises. Free weights are the best suited for these.Intelligent Working out
  9. If you increase your workouts, you will be expending calories. However, if you space out your workouts correctly, your metabolic rate remains the same and you are able to gain more weight.Supplements
  10. There are some supplements which give you short bursts of energy, or calories. Creatine is one such supplement which can help you.Consistency
  11. One of the most important of the top 10 tips to gain weight is to have consistency in your weight gain efforts. If you give up on them, you may end up losing more weight. Be regular and you will definitely see results.

Causes of Underweight
  • Ayurveda considers everything from the body type and kind of food you are eating to find out the specific problem.
  • Less Calorie IntakeYour body needs specific amount of calorie intake. If you are consuming less calorie than the required amount then you will face the problem of underweight. Inadequate calorie intake will lead to the problems of respiratory disorders, typhoid fever, cancer and circulatory disorders.
  • Bad Eating HabitsBad eating habits also lead to underweight problems. Also if the metabolic rate is high then you will face this problem. Inadequate amount of meal and too much of bodily activity also causes weight loss.
  • Metabolic DisturbancesYou may have overactive thyroid, hereditary tendencies, or any other chronic disease leading to metabolic disturbances. These can also be cause of weight loss or underweight problem.

Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Gain
• Increase the intake of dairy products like milk and cheese. But do not over eat anything as it will have other harmful affects of high blood pressure and ali.
Eat food rich in ghee and butter.
• Take afternoon sleep.
• Try having the herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, aamlaki rtc. According to ayurveda these are good for undernourished people.
• Keep your mind healthy and stay away from stress.
• Eat 30 gm of raisins daily.
• Eat muskmelon three times a day continuously for 40 days. For the first three days eat only three kilograms of muskmelon that should be increased by 1 Kg after that to subside the hunger. Try to have fresh and sweet fruit. But eat it in the season only
.• Start taking Chyavanprash that is a one extensive herbal tonic. It increases the immune system and age.
Home Remedies for Weight Gain
• Eat banana three time a day followed by milk of curd. You can also make the banana shake in milk to gain weight.
• Eat lots of fruit with milk.
• Take milk and boil it with almonds, anjeer and date palm. It will hep you in gaining weight.
• In summers you can drink mango shake in milk daily to gain weight. Also instead of this consume mango and drink milk after this. Mangoes contain too much sugar but without any protein. But milk on the other hand lots of protein and without sugar. So the combination of both will compliment each other.
• In case you are very thing eat figs that are excellent for weight gain. Take the dry figs and soak these in water. Take these twice a day.
• Certain nutrients have powerful effect on your nervous system making it calmer. Calmer the mind more will be the weight. The best nutrients for this are vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. For Vitamin D drink milk and take sun rays. Milk is again a great source of calcium along with yoghurt. Green leafy vegetables are good source of magnesium.
• Do not consume products that are made from white flour and sugar as these may harm your body adversely.

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  1. I took 5 pills of 5mcg synthetic drugs and experienced bad breathing problems, especially walking and talking at the same time on an incline or steps. Has anyone had trouble with breathing problems taking this prescription. I was on other thyroid natural supplements 15 mcg for years w/o any problems.