Ayurvedic Remedy For Pus In Ears

Ayurveda for pus, ear infections

Ayurveda system of healthcare aims to restore the balance of the body to that of nature to heal any disorder. The body has three life energies called doshas namely tridoshas. Disturbance of these doshas lead to diseases and by correcting the imbalance body is brought back to its healthy condition. Herbal medicines, therapies and yoga are prescribed in Ayurveda for curing various disorders. The aim is to heal both the body and the mind to restore the body back to health. The medication does not cause any side effect.
Ayurveda has given the name “Pitikarna” to all ear ailments. The disorders occur due to the vitiation of kapha dosha. The cold season and common colds during the winter and are associated with ear infection. When the infection is detected in children, it should be treated without delay, as it can damage to their hearing permanently.

Causes of ear infections,pus cells

Pus in the ear is the result of conditions like cough, cold and sinusitis. It starts with running nose, cold or cough. When the bacteria start entering the middle ear through the Eustachian tube it becomes severe. Since the Eustachian tube that connects the throat and the middle ear is very the ear gets infected fast.

Symptoms of pus in ear

  • Severe and unbearable pain in the ear
  • In most cases the pus may travel to the external ear. Foul-smelling pus starts coming out of the ear. The pain subsides at this stage.
  • Some may have fever.
  • Lack of avppetite, omiting and cough are associated with the condition

Ayurvedic Treatments for Ear Infections and Aches

Ayurveda has effective medications for curing pus in the ear and ear ache and other ear ailments.
Bilva root oil is extracted from the roots of the Bilva plant and is boiled with mustard oil. This preparation is used as ear drops two times a day for curing pus in the ear.
Nirgundi Oil is herbal oil extracted from the leaves of the Nirgundi plant. Juice of fresh, young leaves is taken and boiled in mustard oil. After cooling it this can be used as ear drops. This should be used two times daily preferably at bet time and immediately after getting up in the morning.
Lakshmi Vilas Rasa
This is a medicine in tablet form and is meant for adults. The tablets can be purchased across the counter. One tablet should be taken with honey three times a day for relief. Smaller dose can be given to children.

Herbs used to treat ear infection and aches

Basil leaves called Tulsi is very effective in the treatment of ear ailments. The juice of the leaves can be used as ear drops.
The extract of the Nirgundi oil boiled with mustard oil can be used as ear drops to be used two times a day.
Bael, the roots of the tree is dipped in neem oil and is lighted. The oil that drips from the root is used as ear drops for cure ear infection as well as ear ache.
Bishop’s Weed is good for curing ear congestions. One teaspoonful of the weed is heated with milk. This liquid is used as ear drops.
A piece of Clove is sautéed in sesame oil and the drops of this oil used as ear drops provide relief from ear problems.
Neem has antiseptic properties and the roots are dipped in neem oil and burnt to get an extract that is highly effective in treating ear infection and ache.

Diet Recommendation for pus in ear

Ginger, garlic and onion should be consumed as they have the properties that provide relief to ear ache and infection. Foods that an aggravate kapha dosha like banana, curd, guava and fruits with small seeds should be avoided.
Other Recommendation
Stay away from cold and rainy places. When pus is present in the ear avoid taking bath to prevent water from getting into the ear that will aggravate the condition.

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