1 Rinder pest
2 Heamorrhagic – specticmia
3 Anthrax
4 Black quarter
5 foot and mouth diseases
6 Mastitis
7 Tympanitis
8 Impacting of Rumen
9 Ephemeral Fever
10 Dysentery
11 Indigestion
12 Diarrhoea

In these diseases 250 millil itres cow urine mixed with 50 gram jaggery should be given in the morningand evening. In the diseased area, cow urine and ash of cow dung should be wounds, scratches and abscess, application of cow urine sprinkling of cow dung ash should be done.
Giving 250 milli litres of cow urine two time a day, is beneficial, jaggery may be added.
Diseased animal should be kept aloof.

Summarising –

In all diseases of cows, cow urine should be fed and applied.

Amount may be increased and may be given three times a day.

Animals take cow urine due to added jaggery, cow urine even without jaggery may be given. Jaggery is

only for taste.

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