Tips for Baby Care in Winter...

Amidst the chill and frequent coffee sessions, we just cannot miss out the fact that winters demand extra care of health. Dryness does really take a toll on health; though if you opt for ayurveda in winters, many of the health complaints can be dealt with in a smooth manner.

The body of babies are gentle and sensitive. You should take care in each season for maintaining the health of babies in a proper way. In winter season, the cold air directly enters the body through ears and nose. The body of babies gets affected anytime through these open body parts. Their body may catch cold which then results into cough or fever. So, while going in open environment with babies, these facts should keep in mind for better safety. The body of babies should cover with comfortable and warn clothes including head
The proper oil based moisturizer should be used for skin protection of the babies from getting dry in during winter. The oil based moisture also works as a protective blanket on the skin from the cold breeze. The butter and glycerin enriched moisturizers are better options for purchasing a new one from the market
Food is the essential factor for babies also. Breast feeding is the main factor of providing healthy diet for babies. Your baby will be safer, if you are using body milk instead of using artificial milk from the market. The breast milk contains many nutrients which are essential for newly born baby. In winter, it’s more important as it free from bacteria or any organism that may come with the artificial milk. It helps in proper growth of the body of babies. The warm milk from the breast enters the body of babies and makes it warm

Top 10 tips for baby skin care during the winter season:-

    • Keep your baby’s clothes on a warm space before dressing.
    • Change baby’s clothes in stages so they are never entirely naked.
    • Heat the bathroom before taking baby for a bath.
    • Do not bring the baby outside directly after taking a bath.
    • Baby lotion is a good moisturizer.
    • Spread the baby lotion as much over baby’s body as possible.
    • Exposure to water can make the skin rough and dry, so do not take baby for a bath every day.
    • Use soft winter clothes for your baby.
    • A warm wool, cap and gloves are helpful to protect the delicate skin on hands, face and head.
    • Use skin care products which are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.
    • Use cold creams in place of baby powders.
    • Creams form a protective layer that protects against roughness, moisture and uneasiness.
    • To prevent dry lips, apply lip care jelly for babies within a period of 3 to 4 hours.

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