Ayurvedic Tips for Dental Care...

Teeth are the most priced possession of our face and one dazzling smile showing white teeth is enough to get all the attention. Because of this and to look good many people and celebrities go for the teeth whitening.
Also as per Ayurveda our mouth is the seat of kapha dosa. We must keep is as clean as possible to reduce this as it may lead to yellowing of teeth, oral and dental problems.
If your teeth are dull, yellow and stained then think of ayurvedic treatment that has no side affect and leads to the permanent whitening and strengthening of the teeth. Ayurvedic tips for teeth must be followed in routine to get the best teeth and forever. Also ayurvedic treatment will lead to the whole mouth care instead of just teeth.

The Major Reasons behind Teeth Problems
  • Excessive food particles within the mouth
  • The growth of bacterial infection such as tartar, halitosis and many more
  • Unwanted food particles in between the teeth
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Damage in the Jaw-bone structure
  • Intake of acidic substances such as soft drinks, concentrated juices and many more.
These can cause some major dental problems if not taken in moderation. You will have to go to the dentist to be able to determine and pinpoint the cause behind the teeth problems in order to avoid major dental issues

Some Ayurvedic Remedies for Common Dental Problems

Bad Breath
Caused due to poor dental hygiene. Ayurveda suggests to gargle using lemon water , fenugreek tea is also helpful in maintaining oral hygiene. Have fresh guavas which are known to fight bad breath.

Yellowness and Dirty Teeth
Make a mixture of salt and lime and use it as a tooth powder. Also, you can use a mixture of kekar, salt and a little roasted alum as a whitening agent of the teeth. Before going to sleep at night, rub orange peels on the teeth as it leads to whitening.

Tooth Decay
This is caused due to deficiency of calcium in the diet. Make dietary modifications to include lot of calcium. Consume dairy products like milk, yogurt etc. Include raw vegetables in your diet as much as possible. Make a mixture of table salt, turmeric and mustard oil and rub it on teeth regularly twice a day. Avoid sweeteners in your diet.
Use of herbals like cinnamon and til along with clove oil are highly beneficial in alleviating toothache.
A combination of brown salt (rock salt) and ginger can provide some immediate relief from tooth pain.
You can prepare a thick paste of clove oil, vinegar and bark portion of the bay berry plant and apply it regularly on the tooth which has pain to see some good results in a short period of time.
Refrain from the consumption of sweeteners, soft drinks and carbohydrate rich food

Some General Tips on Dental Care

  • It is significant to brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day, after every meal. Taking vitamins and minerals for your teeth is also truly helpful in terms of making the foundation of your teeth strong and healthy. In addition to this, you can use homemade mouthwashes from herbal plants to supplement the chemically based mouthwash that you usually use for the teeth. If you use homemade remedies for your teeth, you will be able to protect your dentures from incurring further damage from alcohol based mouthwashes.
  • Using herbal plants like cinnamon, til and clove oil will help prevent tooth decay and tooth ache. For teeth quality improvement, it is best to chew mint or parsley leaves. Garlic cloves will relieve the pain and strengthen that if teeth even further to create a stronger foundation for the gums.
  • Bark paste and vinegar can be used to strengthen your teeth together with garlic cloves. Herbal plants and spices can also be used to prevent discoloration from damaging your teeth. Lime mixed with various other spices and herbs like banyan can help whiten the teeth and protected from tooth decay and bacteria.
  • These are just some of the many dental care gives that you can do in order to have pearly white teeth. Be reminded that taking care of your dental health is a long range thing and you should never have lapses when it comes to making sure that your teeth is well taken care of. If you do this, you will be able to achieve the whitest teeth a person can ever possibly have.
  • It is also important to keep the balance of the energies within your body to avoid diseases whether teeth related or otherwise. Having a strong immune system will protect your body from infection in all parts.


  1. Ayurveda is effective in the treatment of dental diseases such as bad breath, yellow teeth, dental decay, loosening of teeth, bleeding gums, toothache.
    i like the tips that you have shared here..:-)
    Thanks for sharing..
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  2. As brushing teeth regularly and in correct way is the most important part of dental care. It is true that brushing helps in removing bacteria, which results in tooth decay and gum diseases. You really have provide a great information regarding this dental health.

    Regards Amandeep