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Skin on the feet is prone to friction which can be caused due to ill-fitting shoes or faulty style of walking. Corns and calluses get formed when a particular point of foot’s sole is constantly pressurized; skin gets hardened and might cause pain eventually. Daily feet care can help prevent foot problems as scrubbing with a pumice stone can slough off the dead cells.

Given below are some pointers that can be followed to care for your feet:

  • Keep corns and calluses at bay by scrubbing with a pumice stone or a foot scrub which helps in removing dead skin which eventually starts building up becoming hard and thick and causing pain while walking.
  • Moisturize your feet as you take care of any other part of the body. The sole of the feet does not have any oil glands to keep it soft hence a routine to lather it up with cream is essential. If you have extremely dry feet and the skin is cracking up, use a heavy duty moisturizer or petroleum jelly generously on your feet while going to bed at night and cover it up with cotton socks for better absorption.
  • Wear shoes of the right fit as a loose or tight pair can do much harm by not supporting your feet. Shop for new shoes late in the afternoon or evening as some experts believe that our feet tend to swell during the day or late night. Ensure that your toes can wiggle but your heels don’t come out while trying out new shoes.
  • Our feet are prone to fungal infections and to prevent them one has to maintain hygiene. Feet should never be left damp; it should be dried thoroughly especially between the toes. Toenails should cut properly with a nail cutter.
  • If your legs are sore and aching, you can soak them in warm water in which sea salt is added. It soothes pain and calms the nerves.
  • To relax your feet you can massage the sole with soft kneading hands. Gentle rotating movement and soft massages help relax your feet.
  • Avoid high heeled shoes if your heels are paining as it can cause more stress.
Home foot care tips

Cleansing tips
• A concoction of honey, liquid soap and almond oil in a 1:1:2 ratio, to which a tea spoon of vanilla extract has been added, works well for the feet. This mixture when poured into a small basin of warm water and used to soak feet in, will make them relaxed and cleansed.
• For smelly feet, an alternate day soak in warm water mixed with lavender oil and a pinch of salt, works wonders. It is a nerve relaxant as well.
• A few drops of vinegar, mixed with 50 grams of curd, when rubbed thoroughly on heels, between toes and all over the feet, then left to stay for 10 minutes; will cleanse the feet well, removing all dead cells, when washed off.
Scrubbing tips –
• Dead skin can be removed on a daily basis with a pumice stone.
• For hardened heels, grind some almonds/strawberries; mix them with olive oil/almond oil and a teaspoon of sea salt. Use this mixture as a scrub for your feet. Rigorous movements will enhance blood circulation too. Wash with warm water and apply moisturising oil.
• Apply a mixture of glycerine, fresh cream and honey, all in equal amounts onto your feet. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Follow this for three days and find your feet soft and smooth.
Softening/Moisturising tips –
• A mixture of glycerine and rose water applied every night before bedtime helps keep feet soft and glowing, especially the heels.
• Almond oil massaged onto feet before bedtime keeps cracks and dry skin at bay, especially during winters.
• Application of Aloe Vera gel on your feet daily will keep them well moisturised and free of diseases like athlete’s foot.

Some Must Dos for healthy feet –

• Wear the right shoes, a little tight or a little loose do not work well.
• Do away with stingy buckles, straps that rub too much and too high heeled pairs.
• Comfort is primary for long hours in one pair only, so choose wisely. Reserve the fancy pairs for evening outs only.
• Let your feet breathe for a while. Wash and clean them well and then wear some airy foot wear atleast for an hour everyday.
• Walks, yoga or some light exercise increases blood circulation in the feet and legs.
• Follow all foot care regimes at night. This not only relaxes you at the end of the day but also gives ample time to your feet to absorb the applications well.
• Wear socks of good material and change them daily.

Foot Massage

By rubbing your feet, you ‘massage’ your whole body. “Massaging your feet helps detoxification, balances emotions, and improves blood and lymph circulation,”
First wash your feet thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Wipe your feet dry and sit in a comfortable position so you can easily reach your feet.Apply oil to one of your feet for lubrication.Start by gently rubbing the base of your little (fifth) toe.Continue at the base of the next (fourth) toe.Next, apply slight pressure between the fifth and fourth toes.Then, rub between the third and fourth toes.Next, massage, stretch and pull the big toe gently and rub each side of the nails.Then massage the ball of your foot in a circular motion. Apply gentle pressure on both sides of your heels below the ankle joints, followed by circling around your ankle joint with both hands in a clockwise motion. This improves circulation and the energy level of the body.Finally massage your calf muscle to release tension. Repeat the same steps on your other foot.

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