Home Remedies for Obesity

Intake of fats and carbohydrates in excess results in obesity. Lack of exercise, physical work also helps in accumulation of fat in the body. In Ayurveda this condition is called medoroga.The fat in the body is primarily drawn from the oils, ghees, and other fatty substances consumed through food and drink. Chocolates, wafers, sweets,remember excessive fat may also impair the function of the vital organs like heart, liver, joints and the kidneys. Obesity may also cause diabetes, asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure.
Do keep in mind:

Regular walk after the meal.
Regular exercise.
Diet control.

Home Remedies

  • Walking is the best exercise to begin with.
  • As soon as you wake up in the morning workout for at least 30min to an hour..
  • Honey is an excellent home remedy for obesity.
  • Make a mixture of two teaspoon of lime juice, one teaspoon of honey, in a glass of water, add some pepper to it & have it regularly.
  • Instead of eating only 2 more meals during the day like lunch & dinner, try to eat 4-5 more small mini-meals spaced 2-3 hours apart during the dayDrink a glass of boiled water daily after every meal.
  • It will also help you inobesity natural cureSpices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper etc. are good for loosing weight.
  • Drink ginger tea 2-3 times a day. It is also a good remedy for obesity.
  • Increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables and low calorie foods.
  • Avoid intake of too much salt as it may be a factor for increasing body weight.
  • Eat tomato in the morning and in salad. Make it a regular habit.
  • All kinds of milk products-cheese, butter, and non-vegetarian foods should be avoided as they are rich in fat.
  • Be sufficient with twice a glass of milk.Shudh Guggulu is very beneficial for curing this ailment. It helps to regulate the lipid metabolism.
  • Take a teaspoon of guggul with ginger and honey, twice a day.
  • Two teaspoon of lime juice added to water also helps in loosing weight. Have it frequently.
  • Mint is very beneficial in losing weight. Have some salads, vegetables with it.
  • Triphala, a herbal combination of amalaki, bibbitaki, and haritaki is good for loosing weight.
  • Avoid rice and potato, which contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Among cereals wheat is good.Avoid high calorie foods like chocolates, ice cream, sweets, butter, heavy refined foods which have high calories.
  • Raw or cooked cabbage inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat.
Hence, it is of great value in weight reduction.Include a source of vitamin B-12 in your dietExercise is an important part of any weight reduction plan. It will burn all your calories.Eat three regular meals a day. Don't skip any meal.

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  1. There are variety of factors which can cause high blood pressure, the important thing is to identify it as soon as possible. As per my knowledge we cannot cure completely hypertension but can get in control. Exercising on the daily basis at least for half an hour. It does not mean that you have to stick to hard exercise but just do your favorite physical activities like dancing, playing football, hockey etc.

    - Jacobs, Bluthochdruck Senken Verfechter