Ayuvedic Tips For SunBurn...

What is Sunburn?

The term sunburn has been used to define the burn to living tissue such as skin, which is caused due to overexposure to ultraviolet radiation or sun's rays. Usually the most common symptoms of sunburn are reddish skin along with fatigue and mild dizziness. But there are chances where excess of UV-radiation can be dangerous and should be treated immediately. The exposure of the skin to lesser amounts of UV radiation is also known as suntan. Sunburn can happen to anyone and those who are out in the sun for a major part of the day are the most prone to this problem. Also people who spend too much time on the beach or bathe without sunscreen can get sunburn due to prolonged exposur

.Summer season is arrived & at this season mostly people suffer from theproblem of sunburn. Sunburn is mainly caused due to the ultra violet radiation from the sun. well we can’t stop the ultra violet radiation of sun & also can’t stop ourselves by going out. Mostly people have to go out from their home for work. When the ultra violet radiation of sun burn the outer layer of our skin then we suffer from sunburn problem. Well below you can get some home remedies tips for treatment of your sunburn problem.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

Home Remedies Tips For Sunburn Problem:

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Aloe Vera gel is the most useful home remedies for treatment ofsunburn problem. Take the fresh Aloe Vera gel from the leaves of the Aloe Vera & spread it over the Sunburn effected areas on your skin.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • when you came from outside take a cool bath quickly, it will prevent & save you from sunburn.
  • Make a thick paste of baking soda & vinegar then spread it over the sunburned areas. Apply the paste before you go for sleep at night & leave the paste for whole night.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Using the ice over the sunburn effected areas is also beneficial.
  • Make a mixture of honey & lime about in 2:1 proportion. After that apply it on affected area & then after 20 minutes wash it.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Apply sandal wood paste on the effected areas of sunburn. It will help you in preventing sunburn.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Give a massage of coconut oil to your whole body before going out in sun
  • Make a paste of paste of yogurt, turmeric & barley & apply it over the sunburned area.

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Applying pieces of cucumber on sunburn areas give you relief.
  • Drink plenty of cucumber

 Home Remedies For Treatment Of Sunburn

  • Soak clean towels in a half water, half white vinegar solution . After that Wring the towels and apply on the affected areas. Be careful don’t apply it on broken skin & near the eye.

Treatment for Sunburn:

Home Made:

The best treatments for sunburn can be done at home where you can implement preventive measures for avoiding too much sun and also avoid unduly exposure. The other options of treating sunburn are avoiding going out too much in the sun, covering the skin and other related measures. Then there are various medications like aspirin that help to relieve the pain caused due to sunburn.


For milder burns you can apply a cool compress with equal parts of milk and water and change your clothing every few hours. There are various aloe-based lotions that are commercially available and these help to relieve sunburn. Also the ice baths can help to reduce the pain and problems caused by sunburn but you should avoid bath salts, oils, and perfumes along with scrubbing the skin or shaving the skin

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