Juice Of Wheat-Grass:Cure For Cancer & AIDS

Wheat should be sown in nine different flower-pots or in nine spots on a small piece of land.Sowing should be done in each pot or spot one by one for nine days continuously.On the tenth day,green leaves of grown wheat should be cut from the first flower pot.10gms.of these leaves and 25 gms..(equal to two long and one finger in thickness)of a stem of guduci (tinospora cordifolia)should be ground by adding some water.Out of this paste,juice is to be squeezed out through a piece of clean cloth.Then from the second day(eleventh day)onwards,same procedure should be followed by taking out leaves from the second pot,third pot,and so on.

one cup in empty stomach.

1.In each empty flower pot,wheat should be sown again on the same day,and the same process should be repeated continuously on each succeeding day.

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